Paying For Dealer Ratings Is A RIP-OFF!

September 23, 2010

Let me get straight to the point and list the ways paying for dealer ratings is a rip-off:

1. Feeding the Beast: why would you pay a site to collect ratings on your dealership, shouldn’t they be paying you for the content?

2. Committing Suicide:  why would you send your customers to a site that forces you to pay them? The more you send your customers to these sites the more of your content the site owns. And they charge you to manage your content, lol.

3. Fools Gold: you are building traffic and credibility for sites that force you to pay to play. Giving them your customers builds their traffic and then they use the stats to entice you. Who is fooling who?

4. Domestic Abuse: if you don’t pay to play with these sites, they punish you. This is called old fashion Extortion and/or a shake down. They use your competition against you (FEAR).

Okay what is the solution? You know I have a solution. And the solution is FREE!  To manage your dealer rating account should be Free. The same above can be said for a free system, except there is no payment involved. Feed the free Beast, create free Gold,  save your Life and stop Abuse. When you invest into a Free system their is no threat of not paying to play. When you do a deal with the DEVIL you never win, you just get burned.  – your Free alternative….



August 9, 2010

Media Contacts:
John Isaac
Clear Intelligence Media Inc.
ATLANTA, August 9  —, the premier online auto  dealer rating and review website, has today granted full free access to automotive dealer seeking to manage their online reputation.  The website has an abundance of free features, which  includes an automatic monitoring, alert and reporting feature that can be set up in less than 10 minutes, allows dealers to generate customized  reports to compare their performance against that of other dealers, as well  as receive alert notices via email on their rating performance.

     Among other things dealers have the ability to upload photos such as showroom, group and individual staff photos, videos, and post public responses to user comments. However one of the most important features is the Dispute Resolution System (DRS) which allows consumers to communicate a complaint or issue with a rated dealership via email.

     “We felt that our past strategy was hindering the growth of the dealer rating and review space.”  said John H. Isaac, CEO of “Dealers desire to be involved in reputation management, but they don’t want to be extorted. By removing the cost barrier we have allowed dealers to gain more control over their online reputation management. We are simply following the examples set by social sites like Facebook and Twitter.”, he added.

     Scott McGrath of McGrath Nissan is very grateful for his free account with “Managing my company’s online reputation has become as important as how we spend our advertising dollars each month.  Let’s face facts, in the old days if one customer liked the experience they had at your dealership they would tell one person, but if they hated that experience they would tell ten.  With the Internet, that same disgruntled customer can tell millions…so you need to manage your company’s good reputation proactively. Thanks for the access.”

     About Clear Intelligence Media Inc.

     Clear Intelligence Media Inc. is an automotive market intelligence  company which operates, an online auto community designed to better consumer-dealer interaction. allows  consumers to benefit from advance intelligence and interactive tools that protect them from disreputable dealers, save time and provide a safer, more enjoyable purchasing experience. Founded in 2004, privately-held Clear  Intelligence Media Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information visit or call (404) 939-7180.

Why We Did It…

August 3, 2010

I have been asked time and again “What made us decide to make MyDealerReport free to dealers?”. Well, the plain truth is, making dealers pay for their rating accounts was and is damaging the growth of our space. Facebook, twitter and linkedin have free accounts and this helped social media to grow.  I believe social media would be hindered by forcing users to pay for an account.

We helped create the rating space therefore, we feel responsible to the auto industry and the consumers who rely upon it.  By removing the cost to dealers we are helping the industry gain control of ratings and reviews. I believe if you do the right thing, good results will follow.  Therefore, we are pushing for the entire dealer rating and review space to give back control to dealers by making their accounts free.  We have created a Facebook page supporting this cause “Free My Rating“.

I have spoken to many dealers and they feel being forced to pay for their rating accounts is extortion and I have to agree. Plus how can car shoppers trust a site that is funded by dealers through reputation management.

Our mission is to help every dealership setup and manage their online reputation with a free account on

Car Dealers Ignore Consumers!

January 8, 2009

We have been experiencing a great number of consumer inquiries to car dealers on over the past few months, however they have been unanswered by dealers.  If you are a car dealer, this is the wrong time to drop the ball, especially with the present condition of the economy.  Listed below are just a few of the miss communication sent for dealers through our site:

Dealer Name: J** ***** DODGE 
DealerID: 7036
Contact Name: Ericka ****
Contact Email: ***********
Message: Need Help, I traded in my truck in 2002, with *** ***** dodge. I need to prove that I did this. I do not have the paper work. I do have the title on the Jeep that i bought. Can you help me? I have tried almost everything. Ericka ****


Dealer Name: ****** Toyota Co
DealerID: 195
Contact Name: Anealia ****
Contact Email: ************
Message: Can you please have Jason fax me the complete information and breakdown of features. I will be driving 5 1/2 hours Sunday to come see the 2005 Toyota Highlander Limited Gold 43,000 miles. I just want to make sure it has everything I am looking for and will have the power I need. The ad on the internet is not detailed and according to the info I have got from Jason it is not correct on the internet. My fax is 850 229-****. I did not want to keep calling everytime I had a question about a feature. Thank you Anealia ****



Dealer Name: VW-HONDA
DealerID: 537
Contact Name: Ron *******
Contact Email: *************
Message: I’m leasing a brand new 2009 Honda Accord V6 from your dealership and had a concern regarding the feel of the transmission when it shifts back and forth from ECO mode to normal mode. I brought the car in on November 26 and during the test drive, the service tech explained how the transmission works and that 2009 is the first year it’s been introduced into the Accord. However, it’s very annoying to feel the continous hesitation/surge as the transmission switches modes. After the test drive, I asked the service manager, Ben, if other customers had similar complaints and he replied in a very cavalier manner…Ya, a few. So the message I took away from this experience is that the Honda Accord V6 has a transmission issue due to its introduction of new technology in the 2009 model and the customer will just have to get used to it?! This new feature should be seamless to the driver. I also own a new Nissan Murano which has the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and it’s as smooth as silk. Honda ought to take a lesson from Nissan on tranny’s. It is what it is, but, I’m not happy with the Honda product.        


Dealer Name: INFINITI OF ******
DealerID: 1853
Contact Name: Isaac ******
Contact Email: *********
Message: I am looking for 2008 G35x w/Sunroof (NOT PREMIUM PACKAGE) I will lease this car TODAY! $349/mnth 36 months 30k/mi/yr Up front: $944 TOTAL: ($595 Bank Fee, $349 1st months payment) COLOR PREF: Black/TAN/WHEAT Please advise, Thanks        


Dealer Name:  Chrysler Of *******       

  DealerID: 34022       

  Contact Name: Steven ******       

  Contact Email:  ***********       

Message: Dear Mr. ******, My name is Steven ***** and I would not contact you unless I felt it was important you know my interactions with your dealerships. Specifically, Dodge of ******** where I purchased a pre-owned 207 Dodge Caliber less than 2 mos ago. (Oct. 2008). Since my purchase I have unforunately not enjoyed the vehicle for one minute. And to this date, NONE of the problems I reported at the time of purchase and others which have developed have been resolved by the ******* location and even by the ******** Service Dept. I need to start w/ the purchase which at the time I informed the Salesperson (Dennis) that there was something wrong w/ one of the tires and there was a rattle in the driver door. However, during my time w/ Dennis he received a personal phone call which greatly upset him and he was bascially unable to continue assisting me. So, Trish (Mgr.) took over and assisted consummating my purchase. My credit is weak and I am paying a high interest rate – which I understand. I pd. $1000 down and have already made my first payment. Within the wk. I brought the car into ******** for repair (losing some work time in *******) including the tires. However, the car was returned to me without any of the rapairs (incl. problems w/ the ac/heater) properly completed. In addition, the tire issue remained (thumping). I brought the car into ******** again shortly thereafter on a Sat. for the same repairs. Again, nothing was fixed though the Service Mgr. acknowledged all of the tires were worn on the inside and were bad, but I needed to speak w/ Trish. I travel frequently for business and do not have alot of time to spend dealing w/ a situation like this. Realizing the ******* dealership was incapable of dealing w/ my problems, I brought it to ******* last wk. (and more time off from work). Again, nothing was fixed. However, the dealership was kind enough to give me a free oil change. I asked about the tires and the ******** Mgr. (Dave) said I would need to speak w/ Trish. I called Trish and she said I was out of luck and they do not warranty tires. When I infomred her I had told Dennis the day about the tires on the day of my purchase, she responded I had not told her and she wouldn’t have sold me the vehicle if she knew. She offered no other assistance. I have been trying to alter my schedule again to return the car to Paramus to fix the old problems and new incl. the rattle, heater and an electrical problem which ****** could not find, etc. However, this morning a hose broke on the **** Turnpike which engulfed the car in smoke. After 1 1/2 hrs. getting it on a flatbed and up to ****** (where it now sits) I am paying for a rental car. In addition, the tow truck co. lost my keys and so I am going to have to pay the dealership an addl. $200 to replace the keys. The lost keys is not the dealership’s fault, but at this point the work time lost and out-of-pocket costs have become alarming and very upsetting. What is most upsetting is the dealership’s inability to address the problems w/ the vehicle and the lack of responsibility taken by the ********* location regarding the bad tires on the car sold to me. I know this is a very lengthy email and I appreciate you reading it. My goal was to hold the car into ’09 and upgrade, plus I will be receiving a co. car (VP of Sales) next yr., and I would have happily returned to your dealerships to purchase new/more vehicles. I bought 4 vehicles from one dealership in the past. I do not want to pursue other avenues incl. Lemon Law, etc. rergarding these unresolved issues and would hope the dealership would take responsbility for the tires and go the extra mile to see the problems with the vehicle are taken care of at the time the vehicle is brought in for servicing. thank you again for your time and I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Steven ***** 508-***-****        


Dealer Name: ***** ******* DODGE
DealerID: 7033
Contact Name: Wesley ********
Contact Email: ****************
Message: James/Justin, I have dealt with *****  ******* Dodge on five occassions, and every time it was terrible service. I am under the impression that I can reach David ****** himself to fill him in on all my different experiences, and will. The most recent experience was dealing with a trade in on my Kia, which I took negative equity on, which I didn’t have an issue. We set up the deal to finance the 2005 Dodge Ram at 12.9 percent through ***** ****** Finance group as a temporary means until I got approval from my bank, which I finally did. The next day I brought in the preapproved. At that point your finance department cashed the check for 10458 dollars from my bank, but failed to pay the 3689 dollars off on my Kia, so my bank added that value to the 10458. And now I am being slammed with a loan of over 14000 dollars, very incorrect and unsatisfactory. I am an upstanding member of the community; I volunteer for many Oklahoma City Community events, I teach for ************* College in ******* City, which has close ties with the Dept of Commerce, and I also teach with ******* College, which has close ties with numerous business’ in the ******** City area. My wife is a government worker on ****** with close ties to some of the main executives at ******. I am also a Premium Support Manager at ****l with numerous connection at the 3000 plus employee facility. I expect my Kia to be paid in full. If interest has accrued to my 14000 dollar plus loan, I expect David ****** to pay that difference. I was also shipped out with a vehicle on complete E for fuel, now how is that for customer service. Again, like I said I have had several bad experience with ***** ******* Dodge. You need to take more pointers from ***** Nissan East, which I always recommend over any other dealership in ****** City, and will do when I contact David ******* himself. Get with your financing department and get this fixed. Customer Experience is the number one reason we stay in business. I deal with over 180 different customers a day, and if I fail at customer experience I am out of a job, as such anyone in a customer facing relationship would be. You can consider this a top level escalation. Wesley ********, displeased.        



Dealer Name:  DODGE INC
DealerID: 5106
Contact Name: Joe *******
Contact Email: ***************
Message: Hello, I am Nancy *******’s grandson and she has arranged for me to look at a 1999 Chevy Malibu at your lot, however today I haven’t been able to find transportation there. I was just writing in case she had sent notice that I’d be coming. I’m not sure of the hours on Saturdays, but I’d guess it’s just a half day. Sorry about the problem, I can arrange transportation for sometime Monday. Thanks.                                                 


Dealix and WardsAuto Are Now Believers in Dealer Ratings…

March 11, 2008

I received two interesting emails this week, a press release from the Ward’s “Automotive Spring Training Conference,” presented by Autobytel (
and the other came from Automotivedigest’s interview of Dealix’s Kevin Root ( . I have spoken a lot about how our space, car dealer ratings and reviews is gaining traction, now I can shut up and let the rest of the industry do the talking for us. Therefore, click on the links above and see what the experts have to say about car dealer ratings and reviews.




Exciting Times For Auto Ratings and Reviews

November 12, 2007

We are excited and happy to announce the launch of our newly designed MyDealerReport website. We have added more functionality and better navigation through the use of AJAX and Flash. Over the next 6 months we will continue to incorporate new innovate changes to our site. We are presently developing more functionalities, tools and resources for auto consumers and dealers, alike. Our mission is to enhance the consumer-dealership interaction by creating transparency and building trust.

Our commitment to serving the car buying public has always been extremely important. Over the past four years consumers and dealers alike have express the need for better relationship building tools, we have heard them loud and clear. Trust, time and accountability has been expressed to us as the essential elements surrounding quality communication. While, both parties have their own agenda, they both have a common goal, a vehicle transaction. The first step has been the development of a more in-depth and comprehensive Dealer Rating Report which now includes additional information: sales volume, number of employees, owner/manager and much more. The second step is the implementation of DealerChat, a system which allows users to communicate instantly with auto dealerships via our site.

We look forward to the evolution of the auto industry and welcome any feedback from readers, users and dealers. In the mean time, sit back relax and enjoy the changing of the auto industry landscape..