August 9, 2010

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John Isaac
Clear Intelligence Media Inc.
ATLANTA, August 9  —, the premier online auto  dealer rating and review website, has today granted full free access to automotive dealer seeking to manage their online reputation.  The website has an abundance of free features, which  includes an automatic monitoring, alert and reporting feature that can be set up in less than 10 minutes, allows dealers to generate customized  reports to compare their performance against that of other dealers, as well  as receive alert notices via email on their rating performance.

     Among other things dealers have the ability to upload photos such as showroom, group and individual staff photos, videos, and post public responses to user comments. However one of the most important features is the Dispute Resolution System (DRS) which allows consumers to communicate a complaint or issue with a rated dealership via email.

     “We felt that our past strategy was hindering the growth of the dealer rating and review space.”  said John H. Isaac, CEO of “Dealers desire to be involved in reputation management, but they don’t want to be extorted. By removing the cost barrier we have allowed dealers to gain more control over their online reputation management. We are simply following the examples set by social sites like Facebook and Twitter.”, he added.

     Scott McGrath of McGrath Nissan is very grateful for his free account with “Managing my company’s online reputation has become as important as how we spend our advertising dollars each month.  Let’s face facts, in the old days if one customer liked the experience they had at your dealership they would tell one person, but if they hated that experience they would tell ten.  With the Internet, that same disgruntled customer can tell millions…so you need to manage your company’s good reputation proactively. Thanks for the access.”

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     Clear Intelligence Media Inc. is an automotive market intelligence  company which operates, an online auto community designed to better consumer-dealer interaction. allows  consumers to benefit from advance intelligence and interactive tools that protect them from disreputable dealers, save time and provide a safer, more enjoyable purchasing experience. Founded in 2004, privately-held Clear  Intelligence Media Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information visit or call (404) 939-7180.


Buying a warranty at the time of sale: Rip-off or Bargain?

October 21, 2008
Guest Blogger

Amber Watson Tardiff

We’ve all been there.  You just made the decision to purchase a new car.  You’ve finally come to terms with having car payment for the next four to six years.  You may even be feeling sick at this point as you get ready to sign the paperwork. 

And no sooner than you sit down, you’re hit with the infamous sales pitch that goes a little something like this: “Will you be purchasing an extended service plan —because if you don’t take advantage of our offer TODAY, the price will double or even triple when you go to buy it later….”

Then you panic.

As a former finance and insurance manager, I can spot that panic from a mile away.   But I also know what it’s like to be in your shoes as a consumer.

So is there any truth to the manager’s insistence that you have to buy a warranty at the time of sale?

Honestly, it depends.

In most cases, the warranty cost will not significantly jump within the first 12 months/12,000 miles that you own the car.  Therefore, if you are unable to buy a warranty at the time of sale, you can generally come back with a credit card down the road and still find a significant savings than if you wait until the expiration of your factory warranty.

However, there are a few situations where buying the warranty at the time of sale makes good financial sense for you, the consumer.

The number one reason to purchase your warranty at the time of sale is to include it in your monthly car payment.  Comprehensive warranties can cost anywhere between $800- $2500.  Therefore, it’s much easier to tack on an additional $25 a month to your payment than come up with one lump sum down the road.

You should also consider buying a warranty at the time of sale if you plan to keep the car for more than 3 years.  Your business manager isn’t lying when he/she tells you the price can double or triple right before your factory warranty expires.  If you have any doubts, ask the manager to quote the price for a car that already has 3 years/36,000 miles on it.  You’d be amazed at the increase.

Finally, I’d highly recommend buying a warranty at the time of sale if your car is pre-owned.  In most cases, dealerships sell “wrap” coverage that extends the remaining factory warranty or provides better coverage to match an existing powertrain warranty.  Either way, these plans are discounted and you usually can’t come close to the price of a “wrap” after you decline the initial offer.


So based on the information above, it’s clear that buying an extended warranty at the time of sale isn’t for everyone- but it’s certainly not a gimmick either. 

It’s up to you to evaluate your circumstances and plans for the vehicle.  If you’re the type of person that keeps their cars and doesn’t have spare change laying around for a $2500 car repair, than budgeting an additional $25 in a payment is the way to go.  Then again, if you buy cars like a woman buys shoes, forget it.  Educate yourself on GAP insurance instead (because that’s definitely something you’ll need!)

The bottom line is, don’t be put off by the sales pitch.   Yes, the dealer wants to make money, but some of the things they offer are for your good.   To come to a site like means you’re on the right track, so take the time to learn what products they are offering and what kind of savings you will get for immediately signing on the dotted line.

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Mr. Big Volume “Bill Heard” is Silented

September 26, 2008

It was totally shocking to hear that Bill Heard Chevrolet the largest Chevy retailer in the nation was going out of business.  I was extra shocked because Bill Heard is where I was introduced to the car industry as a sales person.  According to comments left on this article “Bill Heard Closes” consumers are happy with the closing of the Bill Heard stores.

Bill Heard has been plagued with consumer complaints for years.  The Bill Heard location I started at in Nashville, Tennessee shut down over a year ago due to continuous complaints filed with the BBB and Consumer Affairs office.  So those of you who don’t think dealer ratings and reviews are powerful or even necessary, think again.  The old school way of doing business is gone.  Consumers are tired of being victimize.  Some dealers get it, however there still remains those auto industry insiders who doubt.

Well our mission here at is to help those dealers and consumers who want a healthy trusting business relationship.  As for the rest of those dealers who want to continue bad business practices “Good Luck”.  And I don’t even believe in luck. The question is how many more closings or complaints will it take to clean up the auto retail space?  Listed below are some of the comments left by users concerning the closing of Bill Heard from the above article:

View of company twitter also and keep up with the latest activities: MyDealerReport Twitter

pziasd wrote:

Bill Heard Chevy has ripped off his last customer with their high pressure sales tactics and predatory loans. Good bye and good riddance! I tried to buy a truck from them a few years ago. The sales guy wanted the keys to my car so he could get it appraised. They wouldn’t return the keys and kept trying to get me to sign off on a truck I didn’t want. I called the police who came out and told the sales guy to give my keys back. The sales manager lied to the cops telling them that I was the one that caused the disturbance. Unbelievable!


mtm747 wrote:

What a great move! This car dealership must be ranked #1 in the nation in complaints too! Terrible service after the sale and all they want is to get you into a vehicle no matter what it takes, then your on your own. Good Riddens!


MeteorMan wrote:

Whlie most dealerships suffer this, Bill Heard in Sugar Land was staffed with the worst bunch of leg-humping sales guys you ever saw. Couldn’t get out to there fast enough.


texiban wrote:

I would have never bought a car from these dealerships. I went to LandShark once and that was the most ridiculous dealership I have ever seen. I bet that I ahd at least 6 salesmen at my door before I got out of my car.


Dr. Phil: The dysfunctional Car Buying Relationship

May 2, 2008

Watch our CEO as he explains why exist and why we are needed.

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Dealix and WardsAuto Are Now Believers in Dealer Ratings…

March 11, 2008

I received two interesting emails this week, a press release from the Ward’s “Automotive Spring Training Conference,” presented by Autobytel (
and the other came from Automotivedigest’s interview of Dealix’s Kevin Root ( . I have spoken a lot about how our space, car dealer ratings and reviews is gaining traction, now I can shut up and let the rest of the industry do the talking for us. Therefore, click on the links above and see what the experts have to say about car dealer ratings and reviews.




Thanks, Auto Users and Dealers!

November 20, 2007

On behalf of our team and myself I would like to thank all the users and dealers for their feedback. The excitement level on both sides was extremely high and satisfying. I personally want to thank my team for the great work they have done and their continuous efforts. But the best has yet to come!  Keep watching and we will keep innovating.

The “Digg” for Bazaar Car Shopping & Servicing Experiences

May 30, 2007

Today we have launched our newest tool for car shopping consumers, MyDealer Stories. Yes, we used a similar model as “’s” news website. However, our service is unique to the needs of the auto consumer. At MyDealer Stories you will found the wildest, unbelievable and informative stories about Car Dealerships and Service Centers.

Users have the ability to become publishers of their own experiences or share in the unbelievable bazaar news stories about car shopping and servicing. This new tool will further our ability, along with the consumer’s, to police the auto industry. There is no better way to read the pulse of the consumer, than having the consumer directly share their views and experiences.

Note: This new tool is still considered under BETA Testing, so please feel free to give us feedback –