Pre-launch ‘Beta’ Dealer Sings Praises About ISR App by MyDealerReport

January 26, 2012

ImageWe live in a world where customer satisfaction is everything.

During the recession of 2009, Car Dealers realized first-hand how quickly things can change. The smarter Dealers today realize that we are not out of the woods yet. Shoppers have more tool and information than ever before from online resources. They can compare price, dealer ratings, availability, secure financing and much more, all from the comfort of their home.

The internet can drive or destroy your sales. More so, your “online reputation” can drive or destroy your sales. Sadly most Dealers won’t do enough to protect their online brand until it’s too late.

Being proactive is the answer. Finding out that there is a problem before the customer is able to trash you online is the solution. Having a manager speak to every customer may help, or may not. Some customers feel intimidated or reluctant to be honest will managers, especially if they are the ones they have an issue with. Furthermore, a customer still may trash you online. Frankly even if they love the service this info never makes its way to the web. Positive comments online are vital to off-setting bad

Only one company can deliver the right solution. A few months ago I was introduced to Not only are they a leader in online Dealer reviews, they offer the most cutting edge technology. More specifically, in-store mobile reviews.

Using a QR code, smart phone or tablet, my customers’ rate the quality of service they receive in-store in real time. If there is an issue I am alerted so I can take immediate action while the customer is still in my showroom. If the review is excellent then no action is needed and the happy review is posted to the web for all to see. It’s quick, it’s easy and my customers understand that we are committed to making them happy.

Chris Justice

Chris is the General Sales Manager of Classic Suzuki of Birmingham. With over 19 years’ experience in the Automobile business he now leads the number one Suzuki Dealership in the Southeast. You can find out more about him at and follow him at


Could QR Codes be the New Comment Card?

January 23, 2012

We discovered a great article about QR Codes replacing traditional comment cards and we have provided a link at the bottom of this post. QR Codes are now becoming a great tool for what the retail industry is calling  ‘At the Point of Experience’ feedback. Using a comment card or telling customers to go to a website are less productive than using mobile technology.  Retailers are seeking ways to engage with their customers at the point of experience through the use of mobile technology, in order to receive instant feedback.

Most auto customers are asked to provided feedback after they leave the dealership. However there is a flaw with this method.  Once the customer leaves your dealership, you no longer control the environment. If they had a problem or issue with your dealership, you are now toast, because they have told the world about their problem (Yelp, Google etc.). But if you capture instant feedback at the point of experience, you can instantly solve the problem. Therefore, preventing their desire to destroy your reputation.

And this leads us to our self promoting statement below:

* If you are dealer and want to participate in the pre-launching of our ISR ‘In Store Review’ Mobile Web App contact us at

As promised here is a link to the above mentioned article for you to read

3rd Party Reputation Management Vendors Can Hurt Dealers’ Rep

January 21, 2012

We reccently caught an article on about the harsh reality of depending solely on a 3rd party vendor to manage your online reputation. It is a must read therefore we are providing a link for you: .

Remember we offer free monitoring tools: alerts and reporting for car dealerships, just send us an email to set it up:

ISR ‘In-Store Review Mobile Web App’ Beta Going Great

January 20, 2012

We have been beta testing our new ISR ‘In-Store Review Mobile Web App’ with hand selected dealerships for the past week. The feedback has be great thus far. As with any beta testing you learn things you can do better. Our first concern was the acceptance of our app by customers.  The second concern was ease of usage. Well I am proud to say we have passed the first two concerns within the first week.  However, we have been taking a lot of notes on the proper way to implement the use of this new technology within the dealership sales and service process. Our beta testing dealers have also raised a few concerns:

1. Customer email data collection. (We don’t sell your customers’ email information)

2. Best scanning apps for QR codes. (We use ScanLife and Recommend it)

3. Non scanning capable customers. (Use a tablet or manually enter the associated url link)

4. What about customer who prefer to review us at home. (You can still use the associated url link in an email)

Check back for more updates on our progress with beta testing our ISR Mobile Web App. Our launch date will be coming soon so lookout for an announcement.

Our New Developments Embrace Mobile Change

January 19, 2012

Hello folks we have been a little silent over the past year in regards to promoting our site.  Well the silence has now been broken with our soon to be released social and mobile products for dealership ratings and reviews.

We have been watching the space over the past year while still collecting thousands of reviews from consumers. Now we believe the time has come to help dealers and consumers alike to engage with each other through the use of the mobile technology. Like many of our counterparts we found ourselves stuck in the Web2.0 era with an outdated process. It might take us some time to shred the old technology for the new technology, but we are start off with a bang.

We will be releasing a process for dealerships to collect in-store reviews from their customers. The auto industry has advanced beyond the traditional website onto mobile technology. And MyDealerReport plans on helping dealers to capitalize on this technology. So tune in and watch the show.