’s Manifesto

"Who is coming with me?"

Why do we matter? And why should you even care? And what difference do we make? Here is our manifesto…

1. Purpose:  To enhance and create an ecosystem for auto consumers and dealers to interact. This system is built around online dealer reputation, therefore building trust among shoppers.

2. Quality:   Access to our site is totally FREE for both the consumer and dealer. The word “FREE” doesn’t mean cheap. We are still providing the greatest quality content, features and customer service. The intelligence we deliver to dealers to better manage their online reputation is unmatched.

3. Dealer Partnership:  We do not have Dealer Clients, we have Dealer Partners. Our site is based on the concept of FREE, therefore we are removing the term “Client” from our vocabulary. Dealers who chose to partner with are investing  their  most valuable asset, themselves.  Dealer  inclusion is not based on monetary compensation to,  rather exercising their right to be included.

4. Industry Partnership:   We will reach out to any auto industry contacts which have a vested interest in the successful outcome of a dealer’s future.

5. Ultimate Result:   Increase adaption and traction, therefore accelerating the control and management of online dealer reputation. When dealers feed into this ecosystem they are investing in the growth of the system which includes any participant free of charge.  Each rating collected and/or resolved increases the overall industry’s reputation liquidity.

6. Challenge:   Drink the “Cool Aid”. Feed into the ecosystem. Get involved. Fill out your profiles, utilize the free tools and features. Send your customers to to build up your ratings. Invest your resources into a FREE system, not a paid system.

Now the question is “Who is coming with us?”.


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