Another Dealership Bits the Dust!

I was truly honored when Brian McCullough from the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pa contacted me about the closing of Coley Pontiac Buick GMC. You can catch the story here


3 Responses to Another Dealership Bits the Dust!

  1. t word says:

    Arrowhead Honda peoria az. DO not by from these people.They sold us a used vechile without a clear Title. They also said they would contact us to do an repair on the vechile after a month we had to contact them. When they prep our vechile the smell was so bad we had to roll down the windows and run the air for 20mintues and gaged all the way home

  2. Scott Gerdes says:

    Land Rover of Cincinnati misrepresents warranties! Has anyone had a similar experience? Contact me at, I am organizing a suit against the dealership.

  3. L says:

    Lokey Nissan’s business practices were incredibly UNETHICAL! Its been 4 days since the awful experience and I’m still sick about it. Almost all of the details of the deal were ‘taken back’ by the time it was over…including the price (which was raised) – the warranty (which they took back) – a promised full tank of gas (didn’t happen). In addition, I was told the SUV got 17 mpg – this is a blatant lie b/c it only gets 13 mpg. Being a single woman, I felt like I was being fed to wolves and they attempted to take advantage at every step in the negotiating and buying process. The sales and finance managers were rude and inappropriate on numerous occasions, making sexual innuendoes and trying to intimidate me. I should have walked out and am sick with myself that I did not. Needless to say, I will never do business with them again.‎

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