Experience Matters!

September 29, 2008

I came across an article a couple of days ago.  The article discussed the results of the JD Power 2008 Escaped Shopper Study, which discovered that 80% of new car buyers don’t buy the top car on their list because of a negative dealership experience.  I wrote numerous blogs and had numerous debates about this very subject.  The dealership is the first impression of the manufacturer’s brand.  However, if you listen to the auto industry insiders they will say the vehicle and price is what sells the consumer.  I say this is the old way of thinking.  This is the very reason why the old lead system is suffering.  

The article uses an example concerning Sony.  Sony would be concerned if consumers desired to buy a Sony product, but chose to purchase another brand due the bad experience with a retailer.  So why hasn’t the auto industry showed an aggressive concern regarding consumer experience?  Now to be fair their are some auto industry people who recognize this and have expressed a desire to resolve this issue.  However, we need the whole industry to start buying into this reality.  Click on the article link above and read the consumer comments at the bottom of the article.  These comments are extremely powerful.


Mr. Big Volume “Bill Heard” is Silented

September 26, 2008

It was totally shocking to hear that Bill Heard Chevrolet the largest Chevy retailer in the nation was going out of business.  I was extra shocked because Bill Heard is where I was introduced to the car industry as a sales person.  According to comments left on this article “Bill Heard Closes” consumers are happy with the closing of the Bill Heard stores.

Bill Heard has been plagued with consumer complaints for years.  The Bill Heard location I started at in Nashville, Tennessee shut down over a year ago due to continuous complaints filed with the BBB and Consumer Affairs office.  So those of you who don’t think dealer ratings and reviews are powerful or even necessary, think again.  The old school way of doing business is gone.  Consumers are tired of being victimize.  Some dealers get it, however there still remains those auto industry insiders who doubt.

Well our mission here at MyDealerReport.com is to help those dealers and consumers who want a healthy trusting business relationship.  As for the rest of those dealers who want to continue bad business practices “Good Luck”.  And I don’t even believe in luck. The question is how many more closings or complaints will it take to clean up the auto retail space?  Listed below are some of the comments left by users concerning the closing of Bill Heard from the above article:

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pziasd wrote:

Bill Heard Chevy has ripped off his last customer with their high pressure sales tactics and predatory loans. Good bye and good riddance! I tried to buy a truck from them a few years ago. The sales guy wanted the keys to my car so he could get it appraised. They wouldn’t return the keys and kept trying to get me to sign off on a truck I didn’t want. I called the police who came out and told the sales guy to give my keys back. The sales manager lied to the cops telling them that I was the one that caused the disturbance. Unbelievable!


mtm747 wrote:

What a great move! This car dealership must be ranked #1 in the nation in complaints too! Terrible service after the sale and all they want is to get you into a vehicle no matter what it takes, then your on your own. Good Riddens!


MeteorMan wrote:

Whlie most dealerships suffer this, Bill Heard in Sugar Land was staffed with the worst bunch of leg-humping sales guys you ever saw. Couldn’t get out to there fast enough.


texiban wrote:

I would have never bought a car from these dealerships. I went to LandShark once and that was the most ridiculous dealership I have ever seen. I bet that I ahd at least 6 salesmen at my door before I got out of my car.