Car Dealers Get Buried By Online Reputation Management!

Okay! Let me explain how a car dealer should use online reputation management. Online reputation management should be preventative maintenance, not a clean up process. A car dealer should create a program to prevent negative ratings and reviews. This is done by implementing communication channels with past, present and future buyers. The key here is transparency. A lot of car dealers we speak to on a daily basis get it, however there are many who are trying to game the system.

There are online reputation management companies popping up everywhere. Their mission is to bury any negative information that appears in search results. They do this by optimizing a large amount of self made positive ratings and reviews. The first problem with this strategy is the fact that it is fraudalent. The second problem is the reputation of the specific car dealer remains negative. Have you ever heard the saying “Perfuming a Pig”? No matter how much perfume you use on a pig it remains a pig. Therefore, no matter how hard you try to bury your problems, it will take root and eventually grow.

Car dealers need to take the challenge of online reputation management head on. They should talk in the open with consumers and resolve their issues. One can argue that consumers are not always right. Nevertheless, they are the consumer and a dealer’s job is provide excellent customer service. Car dealers should not be afraid of problem consumers, instead they should demonstrate how well they can handle the situation. Other consumers are not stupid, they understand when a situation might not be the dealer’s fault. However, trying to bury a situation will only causes suspicion. A dealer should look at the situation like an audition for future business. Other consumers want to see how well you handle consumer problems.

Tip: Having all positive ratings and reviews is a negative. Nobody is perfect and consumers get suspicious when a dealer appears to be too clean.

Visit and see how you should truly implement your Online Reputation Management program.


2 Responses to Car Dealers Get Buried By Online Reputation Management!

  1. FRIEND says:

    warning, beware, read this before you buy from them.

    just a warning dont buy from this dealer check them out for yourself and you will see why I said dont buy from them they are crooks they charge a high % intrest and they have a fake finace company that they are useing called hidden vally agency they have no lic, plus they are under investiigation as we speak so do your home work before you buy from them they sell you a car or truck at a high price with high intrest and then after you pay them for a while they and miss one payment they cometo your house or job and repo the car and then in order to pick it up they charge you alot of money for the tow plus alot more if you dont pay they resell your car or truck for the same price that you paid for 1 or 2 years ago they are be takin to court for sexal harasment also they are a bunck of pigs plus the cars and trucks they sell have nothing but problems and dont want to fix it and when you pay the same thing goes wrong again and they charge you again for the same thing you just got done paying for if you buy from them I feel very sorry for you but you been warned do your home work on them i give them a month after the investigation they will be out of business if you dont want to listen to me just pass their used car lot and see all the cars and trucks in the back that was repoed trust your own eyes good luck hope you take my advise. a sucker buyer never again i do my home work after buying from them. and if anyone says they did good by them then they paid that person to post it. just check for yourself people there are alot more car dealers out there you can go too
    you will be thankin me later for saving you all the trouble that friends of mine went through and myself. you welcome friend. like i said go to bob wolf auto sales and see for your self the repo cars that he repo’ed because they missed or was late one day or hour plus he got a cut off swich in all his cars so he knows were the car is at all times and shuts the cars power off even if your away from home and he leaves you sranded by time you go to a pay phone to callfor help he comes and takes the car before you get back to your car.that should tell you something right there whar deal or used car lot puts a cut off swicth in a old used falling apart car or truck unless he has intention on getting it back from you. he buys used cars at auctions real cheap pays under $2,000 and sells them for way over what they are worth and every car or truck he sells has way over high mileage thats why they are willing to give you the pony credit from a none lic, finace company and charges you not once buy twice plus the intrest is sky high buy and you will find out dont take my word buy from them and see what happens to you after you miss a payment or be late one day and see my friend got her car taken back because they said she was late with a $25.00 payment YES! thats what I said $25.00 payment and the reason it was that low because she lost her job and thats all she could afford and the best part is that she was not even late her payment was due 2 weeks later she is taking them to court right now and so will you if you buy there they are liers and nothing but a bunch of ripoffs and pigs dont send your girlfriend or wife there alone they are pigs and they are being taken to court for that too soo beware when you go there good luck suckers.

  2. harry potter fan says:

    this article is true but wat to complicated!!

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