Car Dealers Get Buried By Online Reputation Management!

July 30, 2008

Okay! Let me explain how a car dealer should use online reputation management. Online reputation management should be preventative maintenance, not a clean up process. A car dealer should create a program to prevent negative ratings and reviews. This is done by implementing communication channels with past, present and future buyers. The key here is transparency. A lot of car dealers we speak to on a daily basis get it, however there are many who are trying to game the system.

There are online reputation management companies popping up everywhere. Their mission is to bury any negative information that appears in search results. They do this by optimizing a large amount of self made positive ratings and reviews. The first problem with this strategy is the fact that it is fraudalent. The second problem is the reputation of the specific car dealer remains negative. Have you ever heard the saying “Perfuming a Pig”? No matter how much perfume you use on a pig it remains a pig. Therefore, no matter how hard you try to bury your problems, it will take root and eventually grow.

Car dealers need to take the challenge of online reputation management head on. They should talk in the open with consumers and resolve their issues. One can argue that consumers are not always right. Nevertheless, they are the consumer and a dealer’s job is provide excellent customer service. Car dealers should not be afraid of problem consumers, instead they should demonstrate how well they can handle the situation. Other consumers are not stupid, they understand when a situation might not be the dealer’s fault. However, trying to bury a situation will only causes suspicion. A dealer should look at the situation like an audition for future business. Other consumers want to see how well you handle consumer problems.

Tip: Having all positive ratings and reviews is a negative. Nobody is perfect and consumers get suspicious when a dealer appears to be too clean.

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