Who Says Your Number One?

June 23, 2008

I was in Chicago, IL this past week and I was flipping through the auto section of the newspaper, which is routine for me. I like to see how dealers are trying to separate themselves with print media. Anyway, I noticed something which I have overlooked many times before. About 90% of the dealer ad pages made claims of being #1, having the most inventory, lowest price leader, family owned, oldest etc. I am sure everyone has seen or heard these claims before, however what does it all mean? Who really cares? Remember, most consumers don’t believe anything car dealerships say, so why do so many dealerships make these claims.

Dealerships are constantly trying to separate themselves from the competition, so they boast about themselves like high school boys in the lockroom. Nevertheless, consumer perceive all this self promotion as arrogance and fluff. Do you remember the kid you grow up with that would always brag on the things he had or could do? Nobody liked this kid because nobody likes a bragger. Furthermore, nobody believed him.

When a dealership says their #1, what are they #1 at? And who told them that. Deeming yourself #1 doesn’t make you #1. Consumers make you #1 and if consumers haven’t said it then it is not so. If a consumer says you are the best then it is not bragging. However, you saying consumers voted you #1 does not count. These dealership claims need to be validated by a third-party. A dealership must have supporting evidence from non-basis third-party like MyDealerReport.com.

So next time you hear or see a dealership make a claim ask them for their supporting evidence. Ask them who validates them.