Exciting Times For Auto Ratings and Reviews

We are excited and happy to announce the launch of our newly designed MyDealerReport website. We have added more functionality and better navigation through the use of AJAX and Flash. Over the next 6 months we will continue to incorporate new innovate changes to our site. We are presently developing more functionalities, tools and resources for auto consumers and dealers, alike. Our mission is to enhance the consumer-dealership interaction by creating transparency and building trust.

Our commitment to serving the car buying public has always been extremely important. Over the past four years consumers and dealers alike have express the need for better relationship building tools, we have heard them loud and clear. Trust, time and accountability has been expressed to us as the essential elements surrounding quality communication. While, both parties have their own agenda, they both have a common goal, a vehicle transaction. The first step has been the development of a more in-depth and comprehensive Dealer Rating Report which now includes additional information: sales volume, number of employees, owner/manager and much more. The second step is the implementation of DealerChat, a system which allows users to communicate instantly with auto dealerships via our site.

We look forward to the evolution of the auto industry and welcome any feedback from readers, users and dealers. In the mean time, sit back relax and enjoy the changing of the auto industry landscape..


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