Paying for Reviews, Not a good idea!

July 12, 2007

I was reading a story today on Techcrunch, Shoppero Comes to America, about a company who pays users to review products. They have created a revenue sharing model that allows users to receive a portion of the revenue generated from the product links and ads that are placed next to the review. Can you say corrupt politics and payola. Anytime you introduce money into a situation that should be driven by pure passion, you create a muck.

User generated ratings and reviews are driven by consumer passion that was derived from their experience with the product or service. Paying users for reviews will lead to fraudulent reviews and crowdhacking. Internet users have become very savvy at capitalizing on income-generated services online. This business model appears to be another Internet victim in the making. I wonder how many people read the article on Techcrunch today and started salivating. Its like taking candy from a baby.