What consumers are saying about us.

April 7, 2007

This lets us know that we are doing something right!  We are glad that our users love us.

This weeks comments: 

“MyDealerreport.com tells us about complete reports on dealerships, legal and lawsuits against dealerships. and ratings and comments.  The website gives the consumer and open opportunity to rate the dealership and tell of bad experiences and even good experiences, because I believe some dealerships should pay for what they do to innocent people who are taken advantage of.  And some dealerships deserve a good rating for the excellent services.  I believe that MyDealerreport.com gives honest, and upfront information that is greatly needed to the community.  MyDealerreport.com has a huge database that has every known dealership known in the United States, some have yet to be rated and others already have 1 or more ratings.  I also believe that MyDealerreport.com’s employees have good first hand knowledge in what is good, bad, illegal or legal.  The website also gives links such as car buying tips, car shopping, dealer ratings and reviews, leasing, false ads, car ads, bad credit, financing, etc.” 

                                         Julie Code

                                         Haslett, MI



                                         Kevin Hartong

                                         Somerset, NJ

“Any or all individuals that purchase a vehicle anywhere get on and let the public know which are the dealers that have earned business from others and or the ones that need to learn how to do business again.”

                                            Luke Scadden

                                            Monticello, MN