Is Social Networking Good For Consumer Ratings?

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Yes! Social Networking is good for consumer ratings, but not all consumer ratings. Social networking provides an atmosphere of free flowing communication. It like hanging out with your friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers, shooting the breeze. Some say it reminds them of an old English pub where you would gather and learn of the day’s news. As we already no word-of-mouth is the most powerful influencer for consumer purchasing. And the local pubs and neighbor hang outs have always been a major engine behind facilitating word-of-mouth.

However, all opinions are not created equal or should I say seen as equal. We receive tons of opinions concerning every facet of life. And you know what they say about opinions, everybody has one. So, am I saying that you can not trust word-of-mouth or ratings from social networking sites, No! It okay to hang out and talk about the latest movies, restaurants and the hot night spots. After all there is not much risk involved with picking the wrong restaurant or movie, yeah you will be disappointed and out of a $8 to $70. However this is not a life changing event. You will get over it and decide to never listen to the person or people who recommended that restaurant or movie.

But when it comes to a life changing decision you become more selective in listening to word-of-mouth. You carefully choose those few friends, family members and co-workers to gather opinions from concerning your decision. When making a major decision you shut off the social chatter and Bigfoot talk, in-order to get focused. This is were Social Networking ceases and Clear Intelligence begins.

Purchasing a home or an vehicle is a life changing event. The wrong decision can cause a life-time of personal and financial misery. Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest expense for most people. We are not talking about a dinner and a movie, we are talking about thousands of dollars at risk. Where, Social Networking provides the typical 4 -5 question survey, if that, specialized intelligence sites like ours must be more in-depth. Our company provides consumers with a 24-data point survey. It is our duty to seek quality along with quantity.‘s data separates facts from fiction, no Bigfoot talk here. Everything has it place and time. Remember, what your parent use to tell you, there is a time for playing and a time for homework. We are not totally against providing social elements, but our number one job is to help you with your homework by preventing you from making a 5,10,20,30,40,50,60… thousand dollar mistake.

Visit today and do your homework!


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