Why Consumer Generated Ratings Count?

Rating and Reviews sites are popping up all over the world wide web. From social networking styles site to local directory style sites. This has started a debate on the creditability and the viability of consumer generated ratings and reviews.

Many have said that you need to provide incentives for people to rate products, companies or services. Some have said ratings are easily manipulate. I recently read an article about the famous Zagat Ratings, Zagat Math. The article attacked the creditability of Zagat’s ratings, due to the lack of sampling numbers in certain cities. Nevertheless, these specific cities had ratings, but not significant enough to be a sample of the city’s population. So this brings up another question, scientific ratings versus consumer generated ratings.

You know were I stand on this issue. First, consumers are not laboratory rats. They do not need a treat in order to express their feeling. The quality of service or a product motivates consumers to express their likes and/or dislikes. Secondly, all data is subjected to manipulation. It is our job as the collectors to protect the integrity of the data, through security measures. Thirdly, how many times were you sitting on the couch watching a news program or listening to the radio and heard some statistical facts on how consumers feel about a product, service and event? I always wondered, who asked me. What people did they talk too? Yes, I was excluded, not chosen to participate in the survey, just like many other relevant consumers. Is this considered to be a form of a scientific surveying or scientific control?

If you want the true consensus of the people, ask the people, all the people. Give consumers the opportunity to express their views. It appears to me those who criticize open ratings and reviews have a control issue. They lack faith and trust in consumers’ ability to express themselves without someone holding their hand. Whether there is one rating or six hundred ratings, each rating counts. Every consumer experience matters, it is up to other consumers to interpret the relevancy of the data. Yeah, they are smart enough to do that also.

Website like ours, MyDealerReport.com are needed. The auto industry specifically needs comprehensive consumer generated ratings. To all the nay sayers, consumer are smarter than you think.

Visit our site, MyDealerReport.com and let your voice be heard, because you count.


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