Auto Service Centers May Be Armed and Dangerous!

Auto repair has consistently finished among the top 3 spots of the Consumer Federation of America’s Annual Complaint List, . Only to be out done by car purchasing and home improvement.

According to the NADA, National Automobile Dealership Association, 58.5 percent of auto dealership profits come from service and parts. The auto dealership sector of the service industry boasts an annual revenue of $85.2 billions. With more than 238 million vehicles in operation in the U.S. every year, the industry appears sustainable and strong.

With that being said, I believe dealerships and independent service centers are entitled to turn a buck, however not at the expense of innocent consumers. We all have experienced or witnessed, the under preforming service and the over charging cost of auto maintenance. Most of the time this is a result of being put into a passive position, due to lack of knowledge, fear or desperation.

People tend to fear what they do not know, therefore they defer to others. We put our trust into these others and when that trust is taking advantage of, this is were the problem exist. Do not get me wrong all service centers, whether independent or a dealer, are not dishonest. However, there are plenty to go around. Unfortunately, without performance measurements they all must be considered armed and dangerous.

Example: If we were on a football field and I told you there were 100 land-mines buried on the field and I wanted you to run the length of the field, would you?

The football field is the service and repair industry and the land mines are the dishonest service centers. If you are like me, you would first want to know where the land-mines were located before running down the field.

So, how do we fix this problem. We must police the service and repair industry. If you find a good service center tell as many people as possible. If you discover a land-mine service center alert others about them. And never, never, never patronize a land-mine service center.

Visit and help police the service and repair industry.


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