Consumers, Truly Control Chrysler

I was reading an article yesterday about the continuous woes of the automaker Chrysler Group, (Daimler to repair Chrysler). This article highlighted numerous problems that Chrysler faces and why their woes may not end anytime soon. Its parent company DaimlerChysler has revealed a recovery plan to help Chrysler Group drag itself out of the pit and back to acceptability.

Most investors and analysts have doubts about this recovery plan. So do I! But I have doubts for a different reason, “Dealership Behavior“. The funny part is all the industry experts and executive never seem to mention customer service as a key factor in lagging auto sales. They blame large overhead cost or vehicle design, but never customer service. How a consumer perceives an automaker’s brand is directly influenced by their actual car
shopping experience. Automakers and industry experts are making the same mistake many auto dealerships make, ignoring the importance of a great consumer shopping experience.

I believe we are now seeing how a manufacturer’s production output maybe controlled by consumer-dealership interaction. However, the auto industry believes that if you build something nice and shiny, we will buy it. Why cook me a gourmet dinner, then serve it on a dirty plate. The Chrysler Group’s woes, as well as, the rest of industry is a build up from years of neglect.

Last November our company,, released a report, U.S. Automobile Dealership Behavior Index Scores, showing how all the automakers ranked in their consumer-dealership interaction and Chrysler Group came in towards the bottom of the pack at number 12 out of 15. Isn’t that odd.

I am saying all these things to let the auto industry know, you forgot your most important asset again, the consumer, not the shinny things (vehicles). We, the consumer truly control your fate. So therefore, start listening to how we want to be treated. Stop trying to produce our loyalty with new shinny things and earn it with customer service.

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