Why I do, What I do…

I was invited to do a radio show interview this week about our website, MyDealerReport.com. The host of the show asked me why I create this website. Was it for the money? Was it because I need forgiveness for my car salesmen days? Well, money is always a motivator and forgiveness is always needed. However, I think my true reason for starting MyDealerReport.com stems from my first bad car buying experience.

It was the one of the most stressful experiences I encountered. I was only 17 years old, my grandfather was kind enough to co-sign for me a Mazda 323. This was my first car and I was truly excited, until we had to sue the dealership. The car broke down the very same day it was purchased. So we demanded that the dealership fix the car. They fixed it, 30 days later. Nevertheless, I was excited once again when I pickup the car, until a mile down the road where it broke down again. This time we told the dealer to give us our down payment back and take the car. Well, two years later after suing the dealership we received our down payment money back.

Everyday we receive tons of user comments that are very similar to my own personal experience. Now this tells me something important. It tells me that in 18 years nothing has changed in the auto industry. Consumers are still be defraud and abuse by dishonest auto dealerships. Now are all dealership bad, well according to our website No. But the real question is, how do you know who to trust? Well, now you see why my team and I had to create MyDealerReport.com, to help prevent others from experiencing the same car purchasing ordeal I did. I know what some people are thinking, “But you became a car salesman and dealership owner”. Well, my answer to that is, others now get to benefit from both of my experiences. First, as a victim and later as a ________ (Fill in the Blank). Furthermore, who better to help auto consumers than a victimized recovering car guy.


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